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The InventHelp Data Bank

This summer, staff members from PA SourceNet attended INPEX, the largest invention trade show in America, held in Pittsburgh, PA. After spending time at the show meeting with the INPEX staff and learning more about their organization, it became clear that their services might be extremely useful to the registered companies of PA SourceNet.

When you're looking for new products or inventions to add to your existing product line, consider letting them be your new product scout. As a service of InventHelp(sm), America's leading inventor service organization, INPEX has access to thousands of inventions and ideas in many different areas of industry.

Access to these new product ideas is free to qualified registrants in the InventHelp Data Bank(sm). Their Data Bank consists of thousands of inventions, which may be of interest to you. Once you're registered, they'll send you inventions in your category on an ongoing basis.

If you're looking for something in particular, just pick up the phone and tell them what you want. At no cost to you, one of their licensing executives will conduct a custom search for new products that may suit your areas of interest. They will discuss your needs and scout their INPEX(R) and InventHelp(sm) resources to find an invention that could fit your product line.

They don't charge finders or consulting fees, and your company information will be held in confidence and not released to any other source. The inventor pays their fees. Your only cost will be royalties, payable to the inventor if you enter into a license agreement. They want your search for new products to be easy, confidential and free.

To register print out the InventHelp Data Bank(sm) Registration form:

InventHelp Data Bank Registration
Patented Invention Review

Fill in your company information, pick your categories of interest and sign the bottom, agreeing to keep the ideas you receive in confidence. Then mail or fax the form back to:

217 Ninth Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Phone:  1-800-622-9855
               ext. 4154 for Beth or
               ext. 4121 for Domenic

FAX:  412-288-4546

Also, check out the INPEX website and plan on attending next year's show:
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