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Welcome to the PASourceNet Business Directory.

The Business Resource Network provides Pennsylvania businesses with supplier and sales leads, international trade leads and other information as a courtesy to visitors and enrollees. It is offered as a convenient, concise, up-to-date, assistance tool for companies pursuing domestic and international interests.

Looking for a Supplier?

Begin browsing our database filled with thousands of potential suppliers:
  • Free Resource. Brought to you by Team PA Foundation(this link will open in a new window), the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED)(this link will open in a new window), and the Pennsylvania Local Development Districts.

  • Comprehensive.  Since its inception in 1995, thousands of Pennsylvania companies have enrolled and found new purchasing and sales opportunities. These matches have resulted in millions of dollars in business.

  • Diverse.  PA SourceNet can be utilized as a resource to list, locate and create opportunites for Veteran Owned, Minority Owned, and Woman Owned PA Businesses.

  • Leads.  Members of PA SourceNet can take part in an international trade lead alert service that provides Pennsylvania companies with global sales opportunities. This new component, provided in partnership with the PA Office of International Business Development, provides Pennsylvania firms access to opportunities from all over the world.

  • How does it work?  The system works on the principle of maintaining high-quality information that will produce qualified, reliable leads. All information is reviewed by a trained marketing specialist and verified for accuracy by a company representative prior to enrollment. Company files are then reviewed annually to ensure that all company information is current and valid. Everyone can use PA SourceNet to locate suppliers. However, only Pennsylvania companies can receive domestic and international sales leads.

  • If you are a Pennsylvania company, we encourage you to utilize this dynamic marketing tool. If you are not enrolled, please go to "Enroll" and spend a few minutes answering some questions regarding your company and its capabilities.

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